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Inspiration limited only by your imagination


From the conception of an idea to the finished product, we work closely with our clients to ensure the entire process – from design, sourcing and development – run seamlessly to create a stunning final product that embodies form, function and fashion.

From embroidering, labelling, and screen printing we create fashion-forward looks, tailored to your imagination. There are no limitations to where you can find inspiration and Ideal truly embodies the free-spirited ethos of the creative design process.

After the Brainstorm, We Go Hands On


Pick Your fabric

Once we’ve sewed our ideas together and conceptualized the design for your product, our collaboration doesn’t end there. The next step is to choose from the huge selection of textiles that we have available. Our years of purchasing textiles and materials ensure you’ll have a huge selection to choose from, whether it’s  simple or extravagant, Ideal provides you with the foundation of an incredible product.

Choose a Pattern

With your material selected, we now have the canvass for which our concepts will come to life. From pillow shams to large covers and everything in between, this is the base for the pattern you choose. Patterns, much like the material they adorn, provide the unique handprint of your product. At Ideal, our years of experience in embroidery and textiles means we’ll ensure that best pattern for your material and design will come together beautifully.


Select Your Colours

Carefully selecting what colours go into your product is another essential step in our creative process. Ideal has worked with countless colour patterns over the years and we’ve seen what works best to catch the eye of prospective clients. Whether it’s one or several colours that go into the product, we’ll ensure that the palette that we choose compliments the material and patterns that go into the final product.

a final product that really pops!

Working hand in hand, we strive to create a stunning final product that will satisfy our clients while showcasing Ideal as the fabric artisans that we see ourselves as. From concept to completion, we’ll be there every step of the way to provide input, support and show that collaboration is the key to creating a product that is functional, fashionable and forward-thinking,


Are you ready to work with Ideal and bring your concepts to life?